Welcome to MystiaMC's Official Website!

What are we?

Welcome to MystiaMC, We are a Towny server that plays off of a realistic map. We support players as much as possible, and encourage them to create large empires and cities all over our map!

MystiaMC is hosted on the version 1.15.2 and our IP address is play.MystiaMC.com

Are you interested in exciting gameplay with an awesome feature filled experience? Come check us out! Our minecraft server like most others uses discord to communicate outside of the actual server. Would you like to join our discord? Come join now! discord.mystiamc.com

How do I join?

To join our wonderful minecraft server and discord it only takes a few simple steps!


Click the invite link discord.mystiamc.com and it'll take you right to the join page for our discord server!

Minecraft server:

Open up minecraft from the launcher in versions 1.14.4 to 1.16.1 and go to the multiplayer tab. Click on the bottom right hand side 'Add Server' And type in the server's name, MystiaMC and the server's IP address, play.MystiaMC.com